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MAC@KAUST: Projects Funded by KAUST

K.2 Virtual Arabia

The detailed description of the project is here.

Kaust VA logo2.png

K2.1 Hardware and System Software Platform Evaluation, Implementation, and Optimisation for Virtual Arabia
K2.2 Efficient Hierarchical Interfaces of Computation and Visualisation
K2.3 Innovative Methods of VR and AR for a Visual Computing Infrastructure
K2.4 GIS2BIM: Multi-Resolution Models of Constructions and Built Infrastructure
K2.5 Realtime Visual Computing: Core Visualisation Methodology

P.5 High Performance Visual Computing

The detailed description of the project is here.

MAC@IGSSE: Projects Funded by the State of Bavaria and by TUM (2009-2013)

Bayern projects.jpg

B1 Aeroacoustic Tailoring
B2 Applying and Adapting Software Engineering Methods and Tools to CSE Research Projects
B3 Efficient Inversion Methods for Parameter Identification in the Earth Sciences
B4 Optimising MPI and OpenMP Programs on Multi-core Architectures
B5 Transport and Reaction Processes in Porous Media
B6 Efficient Parallel Strategies in Computational Modelling of Materials
B7 A High-end Toolbox for Simulation and Optimisation of Multi-physics PDE Models
B8 A Scalable Infrastructure for Computational Steering

Associated and Related Research Projects

Finished Projects

The list of finished projects can be found here.