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Introducing the MAC Cluster - "CoolMAC"

The MAC Cluster is a small testing cluster for doing research in development of parallel software.
It is especially attractive because of its heterogeneous composition of modern Intel and AMD CPUs, NVIDIA and ATI GPUs. For more details see the Hardware section below.


The following groups may gain access to the MAC cluster:

  • Members of the MAC projects
  • Collaborators of the Chair of Scientific Computing in Computer Science
  • For members of TUM's Department of Informatics (that are not MAC members) it will be individually decided to what extent access to the system can be granted

In any case, an LRZ Linux Cluster account is prerequisite to access the MAC Cluster. Please check here on how to register a project + masteruser with the LRZ (first check if your Chair has one already!).


To obtain access to the cluster please contact Alexander Heinecke.

However, please check first here if you are in the group of people allowed to the cluster in general.

Terms of Use / Access Policy

The cluster is a testing system, which means that it is not to be used for production runs or parameter studies. The maximum job runtime is 2h during the week and at most 24h on the weekend. Currently the following maximum job runtimes are given as guidelines

day of the week time of the day max. job runtime
Mo-Fr 8am-6pm 2h
Mo-Fr 6pm-8am 12h
Fr-Mo 6pm-8am 24h

If these guidelines are ignored, they might be enforced strictly in the future.

In urgent cases (and on prior request) exceptions might be made for the members of the MAC projects.

Finally, note that the cluster comes as is and no support is provided.


  • Partition "nvd" features 4 nodes:
    • dual socket Intel SandyBridge-EP Xeon E5-2670, 128 GB RAM
    • two NVIDIA M2090 GPUs
    • FDR infiniband
  • Partition "ati" features 4 nodes:
    • dual socket Intel SandyBridge-EP Xeon E5-2670, 128 GB RAM
    • two AMD FirePro W8000 GPUs
    • FDR infiniband
  • Partition "wsm" features 2 nodes:
    • quad socket Intel Westmere-EX Xeon E7-4830, 512 GB RAM
    • FDR infiniband (QDR speed due to PCIe 2.0)
  • Partition "snb" features 28 nodes:
    • dual socket Intel SandyBridge-EP Xeon E5-2670, 128 GB RAM
    • QDR infiniband


The following software is installed and verified to be usable in this combination:

  • Operating system: SuSe 11.1 SP1
  • Intel Tools: ICC, ICC + IntelMPI
  • GNU Tools: GCC, GCC + IntelMPI
  • Scalasca 1.4.3 (home installation)

Other software can be freely installed in the personal home folder.