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Realtime Visual Computing: Core Visualisation Methodology

Motivation and Goals

Utah Roads
Magic Lens for Layered Visualization

In this subproject, scalable methodology for the interactive visual analysis of large and dynamic data sets as they typically arise in earth sciences and environmental engineering are to be developed. The overall goal is the development of a 3D viewer that is able to interactively visualize digital height fields (including orthophotos) at extreme resolution, time-varying gigavoxel data sets, as well as complex 3D vector fields like wave forms and fluid flows. This 3D viewer shall be directly mirrored to the KAUST research centers to enable a timely discussion and extension of the visualization functionality towards their use in the KAUST laboratories.


Subproject Leader:

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Westermann Computer Graphics & Visualization

Project Members:

Dr. Marc Treib
Dr. Christian Dick


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