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GIS2BIM: Multi-Resolution Models of Constructions and Built Infrastructure

Gis2Bim running on the NextCAVE

In this project, a framework is developed, which is capable of storing and delivering access to large amounts of highly detailed data from constructions and built infrastructure or textured terrain surface data. By introducing hierarchical data structures, an efficient access for interactive handling of large datasets is put into practice. Different levels of detail provide the appropriate granularity for each scenario, such as real-time multi-display visualisation from the global overview to the fine construction detail level.


We work on the extension of the developed framework to a simulation plattfrom in order to predict the impact of flooding scenarios to coastal regions or whole cities, e.g. Beginning at the generation of a sufficient fine mesh, a resolution of hundreds of millions of cells has to be provided, in order to represent the complex geometry of the terrain and the buildings and infrastructure within accurately, since the used data basis contains the fully detailed geometric representation of buildings and constructions such as bridges.


Principal Investigators:

Prof. Dr. Ernst Rank Computation in Engineering

Project Members:

Dr. Vasco Varduhn


Dr. Jérôme Frisch
Dr. Ralf-Peter Mundani


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Poster (PDF) - Vasco Varduhn

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Poster (PDF) - Vasco Varduhn

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  • V. Varduhn, A Parallel, Multi-Resolution Framework for Handling Large Sets of Complex Data, from Exploration and Visualisation to Simulation, Dissertation, 2014
  • J. Frisch, Towards Massive Parallel Fluid Flow Simulations in Computational Engineering, Dissertation, 2014