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Efficient Hierarchical Interfaces of Computation and Visualisation

Computational Steering of CFD Data
Data Interpolation through Sparse Grids

In this subproject the main focus lies on the development of a distributed data repository for the purpose of storing large, high-dimensional data sets. The repository is a performance-critical component of the whole visualization and compute environment.

In particular, its interfaces have to be designed such that visual interaction is not only supported but also enhanced. For this reason, computational steering methods are developed concurrently in order to help understand and define the requirements and boundary conditions of this reference scenario. All algorithms being developed in the subproject are based on the sparse grid technique, a numerical method for slightly lossy data compression. Its hierarchical nature is especially well-suited for the task of providing data for the visualization.


Subproject Leaders:

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Bungartz (Principal Investigator) Scientific Computing

Project Members:

Dr. Gerrit Buse


Dr. Daniel Butnaru


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