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MAC in the Advanced Computing Landscape

Compared to respective activities existing or emerging world-wide, MAC’s key differentiating aspect is that it addresses all major aspects of Advanced Computing: foundations and applications; science and engineering; enabling technologies and HPC; mathematics and informatics; supercomputers, commodity systems, and special hardware; simulation and software engineering. This provides a fascinating perspective, also at an international scale.

As Advanced Computing extremely benefits from networks, we have designed the MAC Science Network and the MAC Industry Network as platforms for research cooperation, academic exchange, and technology transfer. The number and standing of research institutions as well as the spectrum of technology leaders from industry, representing hardware and software providers as well as Advanced Computing users, offer fascinating perspectives.

For MAC, in particular, the integration within TUM’s IGSSE as mac@igsse.tum is crucial – on the topical, the personal, and the structural side, with IGSSE providing the frame for MAC’s doctoral education program. Furthermore, of course, TUM’s successful proposal in the 3rd funding line of the German Excellence Initiative provides an outstanding structural starting point, for example concerning the IAS, gender equality activities, public outreach, or various services (welcome office, career service centre, housing office, child-care, dual career support) MAC will actively use.


MAC has been designed as an independent research consortium at TUM, kind of a common roof for all computing-related activities of groups from TUM as well as from partner institutions. So far, the MAC funding is based on two pillars: eight projects co-financed by the State of Bavaria and by TUM,

Bayern projects.jpg

and two projects established in the framework of the strategic partnership of TUM and KAUST, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, in Jeddah, Saudi-Arabia.

KAUST projects.jpg

Concerning Ph.D. studies, MAC is participating in TUM’s International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE) as mac@igsse.tum. Hereby, all MAC Ph.D. students have access to one of the most elaborate and innovative Ph.D. interdisciplinary programs in Europe, and IGSSE can foster its strong position with then more than 150 active Ph.D. students.