2nd Coding Days

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2nd Coding Days

Kaust, Saudi Arabia, April 17-21, 2011

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A Successful Concept

In 2010, Dr. Tobias Weinzierl, the project leader of the KAUST-TUM partnership, proposed and planned the idea of Coding Days at KAUST. It was conceived as an opportunity to meet researchers at KAUST and present ideas and software developed within the project. Last year, not only were the TUM visitors impressed by the facilities of the Visualization Laboratory, but they also managed in a short time to port their own applications on the available hardware. Building on the success of the previous Coding Days (2010), in April 2011 we decided to repeat the experience. This time, not only the K2: Virtual Arabia project, but also the K1: C02 Sequestration project, traveled down to the KAUST campus in order to deploy their latest software developments and exchange progress reports with the on-site researchers.

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Ralf Mundani and Jerome Frisch working on the CAVE.


The program we fixed this time consisted of a mixture of coding sessions, presentations on project related topics and software demos for the public. Participating in his first Coding Days, Michael Lieb (K2) made his sphere pack generator run on the Shaheen while Atanas Atanasov, also a first time participant, focused on establishing a link between the sphere pack simulation and the visualization systems where the spheres were to be displayed. The result was a live connection between a running simulation and an active visualization, a first for the KAUST systems.

After the software issues faced during the last Coding Days, Gerrit Buse and Daniel Butnaru succeeded this time in running their simulation explorer on the Next Cave. In the process, valuable lessons were learned concerning the differences between the hardware at KAUST and the one at TUM, which influence the performance of their software.

During our current visit we also got the chance to see and use the immersive CAVE, which had been in repairs during the 2010 Coding Days. Vasco Varduhn together with Jerome Frisch took this opportunity and were able to port their infrastructure explorer on the CAVE hardware using a staggering number of graphic cards with the purpose of evaluating the scalability of their application.

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Atanas Atanasov presents a circular flow visualized with Paraview.


Parallel to the coding sessions also a series of talks were given by the TUM visitors, namely:

  • Tobias Weinzierl: A Multigrid Code Running on Shaheen - From Space-time Discretisation of Parabolic Problems in Heterogeneous Media to On-the-fly Visualisation
  • Ralf-Peter Mundani: Computational Steering - Interactive Handling of Large Data Sets
  • Oleg Pykhteev: CO2-Sequestration - Modeling of Multiphase Flows
  • Dirk Pflüger: Sparse Grids - High-­Dimensional Functions in Data Mining and Beyond

Worth mentioning is also the opportunity to listen to the father of the CAVE concept, Thomas A. DeFanti, give a presentation of the future of CAVE systems and their role in collaborative endeavors.

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Vasco Varduhn presents the infrastructure explorer on the NextCave.


We can confidently conclude the 2011 Coding Days were successful in terms of both bringing our latest software on the KAUST systems but also in consolidating and opening new collaborations with KAUST researchers. We can mention here Michael Lieb (TUM) and Shun Li Zu (KAUST) who decided to collaborate in the area of porous media simulations. Another contact point were the KAUST internships, where different students from KAUST have the opportunity to do a 2-3 months internship at various international locations. Being right there on the KAUST campus we got the chance to personally present our projects and we managed to win three students who decided to do their internships in June at TUM.

Looking forward to the next Coding Days!

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Prof. H.J Bungartz (TUM) and Daniel Acevedo (KAUST) discuss the simulation explorer.